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yoga therpy

Yoga therapy is a method to help you back to complete. It is not about losing weight or anti-agin, but healing visible or invisible scars and physical-mental discomforts, so to activate your vitality by take care of the wounds and going through the dark side with comfort and safety. It is not a mental treatment, but a course for  personal transformation and spiritual growth.

* about Yoga Therapy
- Research of Yoga Therapy on Managing Mental and Physical Discomforts >>

- The power of yoga therapy >> 
- Yoga Therapy: Definition, Perspective and Principles >>

- Differences between yoga and yoga therapy >>

- Yoga Therapy and Healing >>

¤ about Vaidya. July Huang  >>

(student member of International Association of Yoga Therapist, ERYT-500, YACEP, AD)

* about a yoga therapy session at Shankha
It could be from 1 hour to 2 hours and includes:


1. Pre-Meeting Questionaries(via email)

2. Mindful Conversation

3. Breathing , Feeling, Integrating

a.   raja yoga  (asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, shadkriya and meditation)

b.   pranic work

c.    Maitri Niyasa

d.   Yoga Nidra

e.   Nada Yoga

f.    Laya Yoga

g     Body Psychology

h.   Posture of Awareness

i.    Meditation in Motion

j.     Singing Bowl Bath

k.    Focusing influenced  work

l.    Inner Child influenced work

m.  GIM influenced work

n.   IBT Breath influenced work

o.   Bioenergetic influenced work

4. Summary 

5. Assignment/ Take-Away Practice 


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