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ayurvedic consultation


Ayurveda is the science of life and provides a holistic way to prevent and to improve one's imbalnaces and to maintain one’s mind-body wellness. Ayurveda says everyone is influenced by the enviroment one lives and everyone is able to balance him/herself  through proper diet, breathes, impressions, sleeps/rests and life style.

At Shankha your consultation will be given by Vaidya. July Huang, who is doing a 4 and half year ayurvedic doctor training with Kerala a Ayurveda Academy and another 3 year Ayurvedic therapist training in Germany. (for more information about July

During the consultation, July will use all 10 ayurvedic assesment techniques include reading the pulse*, tongue, eyes, face, nails, skin and etc. to collect all information about your current imbalances, so to tailored design an ayurvedic management plan for you. An ayurvedic management plan includes herbs*, food, lifestyle, yoga/exercise, breathing technique, meditation/yoga nidra, ayurvedic shamana body treatment or/and panchamarka the ayurvedic shordhana treament. 


Hvis du trenger norsk oversettelsestjeneste, kan vi ordne det.


1. Ayurveda is not lisciensed in Norway at this moment.
2. Our Ayurvedic doctors practitioners are not liscensed physicians in Norway at this moment.
3. Ayurvedic suggestions are alternative and can not replace any modern western medical treatments.

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