ayurvedisk konsultasjon


Ayurveda is the art of life and it provides a holistic way to prevent, to improve and to maintain one’s health and happiness. In Ayurveda we believe everything exists in nature also exists inside every being and everyone is able to balance and heal him/herself physically, mentally and spiritually once he/she understands his/her own nature and learns how to eat, to move and to live with the nature. At Shankha our ayurvedic doctors and practitioners are well trained and are either Ayurveda Medical Doctor or trained as ayurvedic practitioner in USA or India following Ayurvedic tradition.
Not like other consultation or coaching tradition, an Ayurvedic consultaiton is usually 60 to 75minutes and our practiionter s and doctors follow the traditional assesment methods, include observing, interviewing and touching. According to what is out of balance on our rogi* and what is the rogi's natural constitution, we give Ayurvedic suggestions and adjustments toward his/her current diet, lifestyle, daily activities and when necessary with also herbal supplement and body work.


Please contact us if you are not sure whom you should consult with .


(* pulse reading is only given at our clinic, not for online seciton.)
(* a rogi is someone looking for Ayurvedic help)


Hvis du trenger norsk oversettelsestjeneste, kan vi ordne det.

 ¤ For chronic problems/imbalance or wellness maintainess, post treatment recovering, and discomfort prevention- -

60 minute initial consultation: kr.500.- (bestelle / online) (bestelle / Trondheim)

30 minute follow up consultation: kr. 350.-  (bestelle / online) (bestelle / Trondheim)


1. Ayurveda is not lisciensed in Norway at this moment.
2. Our Ayurvedic doctors practitioners are not liscensed physicians in Norway at this moment.
3. Ayurvedic suggestions are alternative and can not replace any modern western medical treatments.