(The Ayurvedic Cleansing and Rejuvenating Program)

Panchakarma is the great cleansing and rejuvenating program in Ayurvedic tradition. Ayurveda believes imbalance is either based on injury or deplition or blockage which cause the physical/mental system dysfunctioning, unprocessed material formating, functional energy increasing/decreasing/vitiating and channels/tissues damaging. Through panchakarma program we help our rogis to stop causes of their discomforts, building up their digesting function, removing unprocessed materials, calming the functional energies and repairing the damaged channels/tissues.
Panchakarma program icnludes 3 phases:

1. PREPARATION - - This is to prepare our rogis for receiving the main panchakarma body work. During this phase we work with food and lifestyle adjustion to bring back a properly functioning digesting and metabolist systems. When necessary, spices and herbal supplement will be suggested.

2. MAIN PANCHAKARMA BODY WORK - -This is the phase when functional energies are balanced. Rogis have to come to our clinic everyday during this phase to receive varrious body work. Some body work might be done by rogis at home and we will teach rogis before they operate it at home. Everyday before receiving body work, rogis ar consulted by practitioner for monitoring and adjusting the program.

3. REJUVENATION- -This is the phase when mind, channels and tissues are calmed and nourshed. With the help from herbal supplement, proper diet and lifestyle, rogis' physical and emntal functions are kept recovering. It is also an important phase to bridge rogis' old and new lifestyle and to find peace and happiness in life.


Every panchakarma program is tailored to help every rogi indipendently. The program is designed by our Ayurvedic doctors(MD Ayurveda based in USA or India) and the pratical sections are given locally by our Ayurvedic pracitioner. Herbal supplement we use during panchakarma programs are whole natrual and past heavy metal and poisen test in USA/India. We cooeprate with Kerala Ayurved Biz to offer traditional Ayurvedic herbal supplement. Length of each phase is depends on the rogi's condition. Although we do not offer residential service, we support our rogis closely.

Watch the webinar about Panchakarma >>

cost of panchakarma:

An complete panchakarma treatments include costs:

1. initiation consultation with July: kr.500.-/ 90 minutes

2. spices or herbs you need to take during the preparation phase, main phase and rejuvenation phase: kr.50.- up.

3. treatments during the main phase:


A. Residential in Vanvikan (includes treatment, consultation, evening yoga and meditation)

- rasayana package - -kr.4,000.- (4 days)

- shamana package - - kr.6,800.- (6 days)

- yoga shodhana package- -kr.13,700.- (16 days)

- kala shodhana package - -kr.23,650.- (23 days)

* the last day in every pakage only includes consultaiton and collecing rasayana formulations for your use at home.

B. Non-residential In Trondheim (includes treatment and consultation)

- kr. 1250/ per day

** 50% of the payment is due at making reservation, the rest payment has to be settled before the treatment starts.
*** canlation policy: 80% refund if cancle 10 days before the appointment; 50% refund if cancle 3 day before the appointment; no refund for canclation within 3 days or no-show.

4. herbal formulation as rasayana: kr.200.- up

Overnight in Vanvikan:

Your stay in Vanvikan is a cozy room with a double bed on the third floor in a herbal garden house with ocean view. Your host is a local designer who likes to cook in an ayurvedic way with local ingredients and wilde plants.
kr.600.- for single occupancy per night include light meals. (kr.800.- for double occupancy per night.)

Contact us for more information about panchakarma or panchakarma reservation :

Feed back from our previous panchakarma rogis:

" I thought my life was over at 26. I was preparing to die in the bed I had been in for 3,5 years. When I met July I hadn’t digested food properly for 6 years and had been bedbound for 3,5 years. I had exhausted the healthcare system, was told it was all in my head, the more I tried to squeeze some kind of help out of the healthcare system the more they pushed back and told me it was my fault, I was just a “hysteric, young girl who was trying too hard to be perfect”. I got an IBS and CFS/ME diagnosis, and the doctors told me it wasn’t dangerous to not be able to digest food… But as it turned out, the whole thing was about digestion. Me and July tried some small steps to better my digestion, but after 4 months without any major results we started a full panchakarma (Feb 2019). My energy came back overnight after eating something I could finally digest properly (kitchari) - your agni (digestive fire) really controls your energy!! I was 40 kg, looked grey, extremely sound sensitive, severe nervous system problems in hands and feet (I was going to apply for an electric wheelchair, but I was probably too sick to use it anyways), no appetite, sometimes I had to crawl from my bed to the bathroom. July came to my house for the first week of treatment, but the second week I was able to take a taxi by myself to her clinic! It was my first time out of the house in over a year, I was terrified but crying tears of joy! My appetite was gradually building and I could also suddenly eat wheat and lactose again! Panchakarma and ayurveda isn’t magic and my recovery wasn’t random (I was still getting worse and worse when I met July) - ayurveda is very practical and has immense knowledge and experience with digestion. Now (May 2019), I am biking, have gained back a little weight, cooking, socializing, grocery shopping, sometimes I play football, frisbee etc - I am not exaggerating when I say I have been gifted my life back. I don’t consider myself to have IBS or CFS anymore. I can’t recommend ayurveda and panchakarma enough. " -  jan.2019, V. F.W. student, Trondheim

" Jeg har i mange år slitt med utmattelse og ulike helseproblemer. Etter hjelp fra Shankha Ayurveda og Yoga har jeg en kropp som fungerer igjen, og jeg har fått overskuddet tilbake. I tillegg til behandling har jeg fått kunnskap og råd som jeg tar med meg videre slik at jeg kan skape varige gode endringer i livet, og leve et liv med en kropp i balanse. Behandling hos  Shankha Ayurveda og  Yoga har gitt meg livsgleden tilbake gjennom at jeg igjen har en kropp som fungerer optimalt. Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale behandling og hjelp for helseproblemer hos Shankha Ayurveda og Yoga." - March 2019, I.R. teacher, Trondheim

" I have recently completed panchkarma treatment with July following a skype consultation with Dr. Amrita.  I wanted to reset my body and gain some of the vitality that I felt I had lost in recent years since reaching midlife.  I feel that the treatments have done just this.  Old aches and stiffnesses have melted away and I feel more calm and centred.  My skin is glowing and elastic again, my digestion is strong and I have energy to meet my daily tasks. 

July has a vast knowledge of this ancient science coupled with an intuitive and natural gift for healing. She combines the science with her artistry and the result is that she is an excellent practitioner of ayurveda.  In addition, it is clear that she really cares for each of her clients' wellbeing.

Now that I have experienced its effects, I plan to keep using the science of ayurveda for the rest of my life. Likewise, I would recommend Shankha Ayurveda and July to anyone who is seeking to restore their vitality and health."  - May 2019, Kate S, housewife, Trondheim

1. Ayurveda is not lisciensed in Norway at this moment.
2. Our Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners are not liscensed physicians in Norway at this moment.
3. Panchakarma is alternative and can not replace any modern medical treatments.

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