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ayurvedic wellness advisor training



M1-1 Ayurveda Immersion/ Hybrid / 45 hours/ with Vaidya. July Huang
04.01-14.03.2024,Thursday, kl.18.00-21.00, in Trondheim and on zoom 

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(70% live-stream hour is required if students wish to bridge to other schools for further studying.)

What is Ayurveda? What is the science of longevity? 

This 45 hour workshop helps you to build a solid foundation of understanding Ayurveda and knowing yourself. So you are able to take care of yourself and your family, no matter where you are. 

This popular workshop has been given in Asia in mandarin since 2020 and it covers the following topics:


A. Basic Introduction of  Ayurvedic Philosophy, physiology and psychology.

1. Ayurvedic identification of Life

2. Ayurvedic identification of Health 

3. Samkya philosophy

4. Classic books

5. 8 branches of Ayurveda

6. 20 Guna

7.  5 elements

8. 3 Doshas

9. Agni

10. Dhatus and sub-Dhatus

11. Malas 

12. Sense organs and action organs 

13. Manas/ Mind

14. Maha Guna/ Quality of the mind

15. Prana、Tejas、Ojas​

​B. Ayurvedic constitutions/ Prakrti

1. Identification of Prakrit

2. 7 type of physical natural constitution

3. 3 type of mental natural constitution

4. Dhatu Sara ​

C. Ayurvedic imbalances

1. Basic Ayurvedic physical imbalances

2. Basic Ayurvedic mental imbalances

3. Basic Ayurvedic digestive imbalances

4. Basic Ayurvedic tissue imbalances

5. Basic Ayurvedic immune imbalances

6. Development of imbalances​

D. Ayurvedic self care

1. Daily energy change

2. Seasonal energy change

3. Life-stage energy change

4. Basic Ayurvedic diet concept

5. Sleep

6. Daily self-care and seasonal self-care

7.  Rasa/ 6 tastes

8.  Basic Ayurvedic method to balance physical energy

10.Basic Ayurvedic method to balance tissues

11. Basic Ayurvedic method for mind care

12. Introduction to Panchakarma

E.Adapt Ayurveda in daily life

1. Practice self assessment

2. Practice designing self care program 

Studying Materials 

Course presentation slides, online access for recordings valid till 31.05.2024.

Tuition Fee

kr.4500.- (Early bird offer till 15.12.23, original tuition fee kr.5500.-)


After finish the workshop, please send in your assignments and arrange a one on one mentoring session with Vaidya. July. Students passing all the three part will receive a certificate.

M1-2 Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition/ zoom/ 80 hours/ with Vaidya. July Huang

08.08-12.19.2024, Thursday, kl.18.00-21.00, in Trondheim and on zoom 

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M1-3 Ayurveda & Yoga/ zoom & Trondheim/ 80 hours/ with Vaidya. July Huang

2025 spring, details coming up soon

M1-4 Ayurvedic Advisor Practicum / Trondheim/ 45 hours/ with Vaidya. July Huang

2025 autumn, details coming up soon

* Each module could be taken individually and student will receive a training certificate when meet the participating hours, finishing the assignments and passing the oral test. 

* When finishing all the M1 modules and pass an extra paper/oral test, students will:

- receive a certificate of "250 hour Ayurvedic Wellness Advisor"


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