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Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences. Clinically while Ayurveda takes good care of the gross body(sthoola sharira), yoga takes care of the subtle body (sukshima sharira). At Shankha all the treatments and therapies are given based on Ayurvedic and yogic tradition and meant to accompany you to balance mind-body and to feel complete in your life. 

¤ about Vaidya. July Huang (AD, E-RYT500, RPYT, yoga therapist) >>

¤ panchakarma

Panchakarma is the signature treatments in Ayurvedic medicine. Every year tones of tourists travel to India for help. Shankha provides panchakarma designed by advanced ayurvedic clinical practical, Vaidya. July Huang who is also a  well trained Ayurvedic therapist. Vaidya. July follows Ayurvedic tradition and use traditional Ayurvedic supplements during panchakarma sessions. For more details and to read client's feedbacks, please clinic here >>

¤ Ayurvedic therapy
Ayurvedic therapies are a hand-one treatments which could be with ayurvedic herbal oil, herbal powder or herbal decoction. At Shankha, all the therapist are designed and given by Vaidya. July Huang and we only use materials based on Ayurvedic tradition. For more details, please click here >>

¤ yoga therapy
Yoga therapy is not like any one-on-one yoga posture or fitness type of training. It is only allowed to be designed and given by qualified yoga therapist with both knowledge and experiences, so to help you reestablish in your Nature and to in-joy in your daily life. At Shankha, all the yoga therapy sessions are designed and given by Vaidya. July Huang who teaches yoga since 2012 and  use yogic tools combined with Ayurveda and western somatic-psychology methods. For more details, please click here >>


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