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ayurvedic therpy

Ayurvedic therapy are ancient wellness wisdom from India. It uses herbal oils, herbal powders, herbal heat presses, or herbal steam baths. Depending on your body condition, we choose the proper materials and techniques to balance you. All herbal oils and herbal powders are organic quality and follow the ayurvedic tradition*. (* regarded as herbal food supplements instead of herbal medicine. )

¤ about Vaidya. July Huang >>

¤ pregnant massage

Ayurvedic pregnant massage is for pregnant mother from week 12 until birth, except week 32 to week 35.
This massage is designed to relax the mother and baby and to balance the doshas(functional energies) on
both mental and physical levels.

¤ abhyanga full body massage (destress)
Abhyanga full body massage is designed to remove the internal blockages and to smooth the energy follow.
This massage includes warm herbal oil massage and steam bath.
(We do not recommend this bodywork during pregnancy, period and fever.)

¤ ayurvedic manual therapy

An ayurvedic manual therapy is one of the following bodyworks and if you have any prreferance, please inform us when making appointment. Otehrwise we will choose the most suitable one for you after a brief consultation:
- udvartana

- kati vasti
- choorna pinda svedana

- janbeera pinda svedana

- shashtika pindasvedana



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