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Ayurvedic Herbal Course: Digestion and Elimination

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Everyone is talking about ayurvedic herbs, such like ashwaganda, triphala, amalaki..., but is it safe for me to use? If I am taking allopathy medicine, or under a medical treatment, is it ok for me to take ayurvedic supplements? Is Ayurvedic herbs only for internal use? In this self-studying course, Vaidya July will introduce in total 15 ayurvedic herbs under the following topics: - Enhancing digestive fire - Smoothening hard and dry bowl - Slowing down watery bowl Some of these herbs might even be found in your kitchen or garden. For each herb, the following facts will be introduced: - qualities and effects - home remedies - ayurveical usage - the contradictions Let's use ayurvedic herbs safely and smartly Course recording will be uploaded: 06.04.24- - Agnimandya (slow digestion) 05.05.24- - Atisara (diarrhea) 26.05.24- - Vibandha (constipation)

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