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Ayurvedic Cooking Course: Leafy Vegetables for Spring

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In Ayurvedic tradition, the leafy vegetables contain high amount of air and space elements which are important for nerves and bones. Leafy vegetables contains also high amount of fiber and minerals, but how to cook them? Does it taste ok after cooking them? In this cooking class, you will learn 5 dishes with cooked leafy vegetables. Vaidya. July Huang comes from Taiwan and she will introduce not just how to cook leafy vegetables based on her life experience, but also ayurvedic nutritional values of leafy vegetables and how you could twist these recipes for various future dishes. After you purchased this course, you will have 30 days to repeatedly watching the recording of the cooking class takes place in Trondheim 04.04. 2024. All dishes come with a downloadable recipe. (Recording Available from 05.04.2024)

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