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Hear the inspiring stories of Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s students and alumni!
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“In 2007 I knew for sure that Ayurveda was something I wanted to pursue on a much deeper and more informed level. I also knew that I wanted to be in a program that honored the ancient texts and yet made the information accessible for modern day application. After researching various academic options, Kerala Ayurvedic Academy was exactly the balance I was seeking…. The staff and instructors truly care about you as a person and future practitioner. Your success and increasing knowledge is part of their passion as they are aware you will impart this healing in your community. This community minded approach that Kerala Ayurveda Academy embodies makes the experience as a student unique and vital…. If you are looking for a place to learn in a systematic and comprehensive manner, while also being approached in a compassionate and clear way, Kerala Ayurvedic Academy is the place to start (or continue) your Ayurvedic Journey.” -Heather Van Dam 

“As a nutritionist, implementing Ayurveda has enabled me to take my practice to a whole new level! I have found my true passion and focus on women's health and fertility. I have not been able to find any course with such complete knowledge as the science of Ayurveda teaches. The continued support from KAA and its caring staff has been a true gift!” -Anna Luque

“My dear friend Annie introduced me to Kerala Ayurveda Academy.  I researched and compared several Ayurveda programs and Kerala became the clear choice for me given the robust program, availability of online curriculum and affordable tuition cost.  I am consistently impressed with all faculty and staff as well as classmates and graduates.  Anytime I need a question answered in class, email, or on the phone, I always get a passionate and thorough answer.  Kerala Ayurveda Academy provided the flexibility I needed in my schedule and budget to bring Ayurveda into my life purpose and I am extremely grateful to be part of the Kerala Ayurveda Academy family.” - Yvonne Lamb

“I chose Kerala Ayurveda for it’s educational curriculum and it’s adherence to teaching authentic Ayurveda as described in the ancient texts and for its well organized method of teaching.  I compared schools and found the level of education at Kerala Ayurveda far excelled other institutions.   In addition, all the classes are being taught by Vaidyas with many years of experience in the clinical setting, and as a Registered Nurse, this is very important to me.  Kerala Ayurveda prepared me not only academically but practically and clinically to be an efficient, compassionate, and confident practitioner in the field of Ayurveda.” -Annette Shellenbarger

“Whatever promises [are] made at the time of admission, all are fulfilled, no false promises and hidden charges. Things are very much clear and transparent on the website, if you get stuck at some point, they are always reachable and feel happy to assist. I sent a couple of emails to support staff and they responded very promptly and they put a lot of thought into the response, not just a standard reply, which I greatly appreciated…. I would highly recommend Dr. Jayarajan to anyone interested in learning Ayurveda or to do clinical consultation…. I am forever grateful for finding this community. Thank you so much again!” -Diksha Verman

“I'm a chiropractic orthopedist, sports scientist, and inventor. My main objective as a professional doctor is to educate my patients to help themselves, and that journey took me to Ayurveda. So Ayurveda, even though I've studied many different sciences has been the most comprehensive system of education in science that I've ever studied. It’s meant more to me as a sports scientist to really understand the overall body mechanics, nutrition and the entire philosophy of self help for patient education. Ayurveda as a science is, as you know, one of the oldest sciences on earth. I believe that every sports science doctor, every chiropractor, every medical doctor, every podiatrist, every dentist should learn Ayurvedic medicine. This is the basis now from my practice and has given me more information on ways to help my patients than any other signs I've ever studied.” -Dr. Leroy Perry

“I am a licensed clinical psychologist in California and South Carolina, and I joined this course to look after mine and my family's health; and, if possible and practically viable for me, impart the information I gained to the larger community. Ayurveda is for everybody. I am 74 years old. If I can do it everybody can do it!” - Dr. Gurminder Sahasi

“I love Ayurveda. When I discovered Ayurveda, it completely changed my life. Now I understand and I see people, and everything around me is so much better. I really would love to enhance my life and the lives of people around me, so if I can implement it in my life and help my family, my friends, people who I love, that would be the blessing. Ayurveda is just a wonderful tool to balance your life and it brings you to the moment where you just feel happiness.” -Lana Arus

“Ayurveda came into my life after I had gone onto a Kripalu Ayurvedic wellness retreat…, It felt like a very intuitive holistic kind of science, and being a recent MBA graduate from a sustainable business school, I recognised the ability to bring this science into business. So, within two weeks I had enrolled into the Kerala Ayurveda program and I was attracted to this program because I feel like there is a really strong connection with the practice of Ayurveda, the teachers are from India; it seems like a very distilled program and I feel like it was very credible, well known and with a great network. I feel like it's really gonna help propel me and the work that I do, so I've already begun doing individual wellness Ayurvedic counseling. I'm beginning working with companies applying Ayurveda, and I just feel like it's really taken into my life in a way that I'm embracing nature, coming into harmony with who I am, the cycles of the planet and really understanding wellness at a very deep level. I believe Ayurveda is going to be a science that comes into popularity because it makes so much intuitive sense.” -Marisa Gant

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