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Private Yoga 45 minutes/ Trondheim

  • 45 minutter
  • 400 norske kroner
  • Shankha Ayurveda Klinikk i Trondheim


A 45 minute session includes brief consultation and post practice discussion, 30 minute yoga practice and a recording of the yoga session. During the consultation, your yoga therapist will design the following up practice based on your person wishes and the current mind-body imbalances measured by Ayurveda and yoga tradition. The practice is prana oriented and focused on move without pain, includes asana(yoga posture), pranayama(breathing and energy flow control), meditation or Yoga Nidra and other yogic methods such as mudra(hand sign), mantra(chanting) and sankalpa(intension). The asana-part could be slow and restorative or dynamic and energy-balancing. You are welcome to invite a friend to join the session with you and the price is the same ! Please bring your own yoga mat and we have the props you need in our clinic. Your instructor is Vaidya July Huang, Ayurvedic doctor, yoga therapist and senior yoga teacher.

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