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How does YogaTherapy help Your Mind-body


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Yoga therapy is a holistic method to balance mind-body systems and to maintain a smooth personal growth. Yoga therapy is rooted in Vedic and Tantric tradition as the name : Yoga Chikitsa. In the modern world IAYT( International Association of Yoga Therapists) works on clinical researches, promotes yoga therapy, trains and authorises the professions since 1989. Yoga therapy is very new in Norway and for sure you will ask: - What is the different between yoga therapy and phsyiothearpy, psychotherapy and psycho-somatic treatment? - Isn't a one-on-one yoga session a yoga therapy? - Is yoga therapy supportive to my medical or alternative wellness program? - Do I need a yoga therapy? During this webinar, Vaidya. July who is currently a student member of IAYT will introduce what yoga therapy is and invite you to join her yoga therapy case-study practicum program takes place from May 2024.

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