Kalyanaka Ghritham

Kalyanaka Ghritham

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Kalyanaka Ghritham is one of the traiditional formulaitions that is known to support mental and psychological health. It helps improves memory and concentration, naturally. It is known to balnace vitiated pitta and vata and in turn helps imporves body weight, skin glow and optimal digestion.


amalaki, vibhitaki, haritaki, devadaru, kushta, cow ghee




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(This product is a food supplement and is not supposed to replace your current medical treatment from your doctors. The prodcut's statements are based on traditional Ayurveda books and have not been evaluated by Norwegian goverment. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. If you never be consulted by any Ayurvedic practitioners or doctors, please contact us before purchasing this product.)


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