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 group panchakarma in Kerala

After months of stressful daily life,  a long eat-more & move-less holiday mode, it is time for a complete cleansing. In Ayurveda tradition, panchakarma is a classical therapeutic program to fix the old issues and to maintain the mind-body balance. Longing for sunshine, Nature, healthy yummy food and professional Ayurveda and yoga treatments? You are welcome to join our group panchakarma program in Kerala this spring!


The Health Village (Kerala Ayurveda Retreat Center, Aluva Kerala)​


1. 7 days, 13.03-19.03 (check in after 3pm on 12.03, check out before 10am on 20.03)


1. Vaidya, July Huang(AP) - -Ayurvedic doctor in training in Shankha Ayurveda Klinikk Trondheim since 2015, specialised on general Ayurveda internal medical science, Ayurvedic mental care, Ayurvedic post surgery care, Ayurvedic immunity enchanting methods, Ayurvedic degeneration care, panchakarma and yoga therapy. 

2. Dr.  Vasanthakumari K. (BAMS) - -Senior Ayurvedic doctor in Kerala Ayurveda Clinic, specialised on general Ayurveda internal medical science, muscular & skeleton system, fertility wishes, metabolism concerns and auto immunity enhancing.

3. Dr. Harin K. (BAMS) - - Chief Ayurvedic doctor in The Health Village , specialised in panchakarma, muscular-skeleton system,allergy, skin care, autoimmunity concerns and metabolism concerns.   

4. Dr. Anujas (BAMS) - -Residential Ayurvedic doctor in The Health Village 

5. Residential Ayurvedic nursery team in The Health Village

6. Ayurvedic pharmacist in The Health Village

7. Ayurvedic therapists in The Health Village


1. 7 Day Single Room  - - kr.12,000.-/ (early bird: kr.11,000 before 31.01.2023) >>

2. 7 Day Twin Room for 2 People - -kr. 17,500.-/ (early bird: kr.16,500 before 31.01.2023) >>

* cost includes- -

1. AC Room with shower & wc

2. Ayurvedic vegetarian meals

3. Consultations with Ayurvedic doctors twice daily

4. Ayurvedic treatments twice daily

5. Airport pick up/drop off service

6. One Ayurvedic cooking classes during your stay for each guest

7. One Ayurvedic nutrition workshops during your stay for each guest

8. 24 hour Ayurvedic medical care with residential doctors and nurses

9. Daily yoga and meditation sessions on the weekday

10. 1x Initial online consultation before you departure

11. 1x Follow up online consultation after you are back home

12. Spring self home care online program 

* cost excludes- -

flight tickets, insurances, local tours, car rental, laundry service, external medical examination by a third party, follow up treatments and supplements 


1. 7 Day Single Room >>

2. 7 Day Twin Room for 2 People  >>


100% refunding(without kr.500.- proceeding fee)- -before 06.02.2023, with email statement

50% refunding- -before 28.02.2023, with email statement

20% refunding - - before 05.03.2023 

截圖 2022-12-28 06.33.26.png
Meditating in Park
Yoga Pose

Visiting the Gods' own country- -Kerala

Soak in the sunshine by the River- -The Health Village 

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