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ayurvedic yoga therapy


A yoga therapy session is designed based on your personal needs, for example to improve sleeping quality, to increase stress tolerance, to help easier physical usage of your body. 


Your Ayurvedic yoga therapist is July Huang who is a yoga therapist focus on a prana oriented tantric yoga practice and also an Ayurvedic doctor. We highly suggest you to book a consultation with July before booking a yoga therapy session, otherwise your session will be designed to balance the seasonal energy change based on Ayurveda. (find out more about Ayurvedic consultation>>)


Depends on the focus and length of the session, the yogic tools of asana(yoga postures), pranayama(yogic breathing exercise), meditation, yoga nidra, mudra(hand signs) and chanting(yogic vocal exercise) will be used.  (find out more about July>>)


The practice will be recorded and you will receive a downloadable link right after the session. 


Do you prefer to have an accompany during your session? You are welcome to invite a friend and the cost per session remains the same. In Trondheim, the space is only enough for 2 people and online it could be up to three participants. 

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