immersion ayurveda course

Immersion Ayurveda course is a great chance for anyone who would like to learn the acient knowledge of Ayurveda and how to intergrate it into daily life.  This course is open to anyone who is intereted in Ayurveda no matter with or without ayurvedic background or experience. This 30 hour immersion course include both lectural and practical parts to have our hands on Ayurveda.

The course is given in our center, Shankha Ayurveda & Yoga, in central Norway or online. Everday the class is started with a yoga and meditation practice indoor or in the Nature and followed by either lectural or practical parts and ended up with a interlization ritual. The practical parts include cooking, making wellness herbal formulation, self-massages, home treatments, ayurvedic yoga, yoga nidra, yantra painting and meditation.

* This immersion course fits the required pratical hours of the Ayurveda Counselor Training. 

For students who plan to join our Ayurvedic counselor training in April 2021, but can not travel due to corona virus, now you can join this immersion course live-stream on line in July. Instead of coming to Vanvikan, you will practice yoga, cooking, making formulations and practicing home massage at home. Before the course starts, you will receive the herbs we are going to use and a list of food ingredients you need to prepare for cooking with us at your home.

What to bring with:
- comfortable clothes
- drinking bottle
- notes & pens


Shankha Ayurveda & Yoga, Bjørgansvegen 11, 7125 Vanvikan, Norway or live-stream on line (zoom)
(Vanvikan is a cozy town takes about 25 minute boat trip to reach from downtown Trondheim.)


I: 17.07-19.07.2020

II: 08.08-10.08.2020
(if you need overnight service, please contact us for arrangment.)

* extra online stream sections: 05.09 &12.09, kl.19-21

Daily schedule:

* Day 1

kl. 8:15-9:30... yoga & meditation

kl.9.30-kl.11... lecture: Ayurevda phylosophy & psychology

kl.11-kl.14 ... cooking class & lunch

kl.14-kl.17... practical: ayurvedic yoga 

* Day 2

kl. 8:15-9:30... yoga & meditation

kl.9.30-kl.11... lecture: Ayurveda physiology

kl.11-kl.14 ... cooking class & lunch

kl.14-kl.17... practical: Ayurvedic spices, herbs & formulations

* Day 3

kl.10:15-10:45 ... pranayama & meditation

kl.10.45-kl.12 ... lecture: ayurvedic daily, monthly and seasonal rituals 

kl.12-kl.15 ... cooking class & lunch

kl.15-kl.18 ... practical: Ayurvedic self massages & home treatment

kl.18-kl18.30 ... yoga nidra for self-reflection

* online section

- 05.09, kl.19-21...ayurvedic tammatra chikitsa: yantra,  mantra, mudra, gemstone and essential oil treatment.

- 12.09, kl.19-21...ayurvedic jyotish(astrology) & vastu

kr.2500.- (include lunch, manual and all materials for practical practices)
early bird offer for courses in Vanvikan: kr2000.- till 30.06.2020.


I. 17.07-19.07 in Vanvikan  >>

II. 17.07-19.07 online >>

II.  08.08-10.08 >>

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