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Meditation in Motion / introduction


Prana, Chi, Shakti, Kundalini...all these are names of the energy flows inside every being's body. We feel and connect to it with every movement we do, every breath we take and every mental and physical "pain" we sense. No matter you practice the fitness yoga, the form-oriented yoga or any kind of meditation, you are doing nothing but generate the prana and allow it to move and to guide your consciousness. Ayurveda says the external world influences the internal world, when the wind blows around you, the prana might create some "flow-storm" inside you which makes you move physically or mentally in the way you like or dislike. Many people when first heard about Ayurvedic therapeutic concept, they believe to manage the inner storm, we to stay still, but when the body is still, the mind moves more. So oppositely, we prefer to welcome and observe the storm, so we are able to move with it smoothly and in the end it would lead us to the wholesome wellbeing and peace. During this workshop, Vaidy. July brings you to feel and to move the energy inside you and to reveal what Pantajali mentioned: "Yoga start here and now" aka "Every now is yoga". ​

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