ayurvedic advance course
(Ayurvedic Life Coach Training Part II)

next section starts in Sep. 2020

Ayurvedic Advance Course is designed for anyone basic Ayurvedic knowledge and would like to know further about Ayurveda toward disease development and how to use various Ayurvedic tools to prevent disease. This program is desinged based on guidline of AYUSH and NAMA. Graduates will have enough knowledge to join Ayurvedic Health Counselor Exam held by NAMA.

Pre request
- Graduates of our Ayurvedic Foundation Course
- Graduates with over 100 Ayurvedic training hours and passes our bridge program, exam and interview. (Please contact us for details about the bridge program.)

!! Yoga teachers with less than 60 hour Ayurvedic contact training hour please join our Ayurvedic Foudnation Course first.!!

Professional applications as Ayurvedic Advance Course graduate
- Graduate may offer Ayurevdic coaching service to help clients find inner strength to enjoy day to day life.

- Graduate may offer workshops introducing Ayurveda as science for general mind-body wellness.

- Licensed Healthcare professionals and Natural Healers may combine Ayurveda to offer their clients a wholistic wellness managing suggestions.

- Journalists and writers may launch Ayurvedic articles and/or publications.
- Research-savvy professionsals may involve in Ayurvedic research projects.

- Yoga teachers may provid group class under Ayuredic suggestions or coperate with Ayurevidc experts for retreats.

- 12 months

- 400 total hours

- intensive classes with Ayurvedic doctors (online or in class)

- weekly classes with Ayurvedic experts (online or/and in class)

- 1 on 1 mentoring (online or in class)

- online recording of intensive classes and weekly classes

- home studying

- assignments

- community projects

- final exam

Study material

- text book

- intensive classes recordning (students reiceve the link within 1 week after the class date)
- weekly classes recording (students reiceve the link within 1 week after the class date)

- reommended reading list

Course Topics Overview
- ADM1: Ayurvedic Disease Pathology & Assesment
- ADM2: Ayurvedic
Disease Management

- ADM3: Ayurvedic Herbalogy
- ADM4: Ayurvedic Manual Treatment
- ADM5: Ayurvedic Yoga

- ADM6: Subtel Therapy (Ayurvedic sound, smell, color/pattern and gemstone therapy )
- ADM7: Jyotish & Vastu (Ayurvedic astrology and feng shui)

- ADM8: Ayurvedic Coaching

Tuition fee

coming soon

Further study

- Ayurvedic Practitioner Course / 1000 hours

- Ayurevdic  Nutritionist & Pharmacist Training  / 400 hours

- Ayurvedic Clinical Therapist Training / 400 hours

Shankha Ayurveda Akademi & Klinikk

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